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Are you a homeschooling family looking to expand your curriculum?Do you have Swahili speaking family?Do you hope to visit or move to East Africa some day?Do you work with Swahili speaking clients?Are you volunteering within a Swahili speaking refugee community?If you answered yes to any of these questions... you are probably looking for quality, convenient and affordable way to learn swahili.If that's true in your case, you have come to the right place.LSN: Swahili for HOAMIs App was created to meet the needs of learners like you.Our Gold Access program offers you all the tools you need to succeed in learning Swahili in a non immersive setting.If you would like to try out the platform for free, simply click below to access complimentary plan.

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5-day Swahili challenge

Introduction to Swahili grammar mini course

Personal coach in your pocket. Ask questions about your complimentary lessons and get feedback

A running list of helpful resources to learn Swahili

Exclusive discounts [upto 50%] for the main programs

The LSN App private community for accountability


Some of My Closely-Guarded Secrets Exposed in the training:

The number 1 thing stopping you from hitting your fluency goals (It’s not what you are thinking)

How one small change in your schedule can make all the difference

The biggest mistake people are making while studying Swahili in a non immersive setting

How even the busiest among us can achieve Swahili fluency

Say "Goodbye" to stagnation your Swahili journey



Swahili coach and course creator

After working as a Volunteer among Swahili speaking refugees in Saint Louis, MO, Karen saw the need to create quality and affordable on- demand Swahili programs to help other volunteers elevate their connection and service to the Swahili speakers that they encountered. These programs became the soul of the LSN platform.

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Bonus #1: Beautiful App downloadable for free from the stores

Bonus #2: Personal coach in your pocket. Ask questions, get feedback within the app


A TOTAL VALUE OF OVER $ 500 yours today for FREE if you join the complimentary plan

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