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Hujambo rafiki,

We have all been there, one minute you are doing well with your language studies, hitting all your goals, then suddenly you hit a wall. The motivation to learn is simply gone, and nothing you do seems to work. That, my dear friend, is called a slump, and is a normal part of learning a language. Language learning slumps can be frustrating, I know this too well from my own Spanish learning journey. But over the years, I have learned several strategies that I have used to overcome them and regain my motivation. I would like to share the most practical tips that have helped me and maybe will help you.

  1. Reflect on your goals: Remind yourself why you started learning the language in the first place. Reflect on the benefits it can bring you, such as better career prospects, improved travel experiences, or connecting with people from different cultures. Visualize your goals and the positive outcomes of achieving them.
  2. Break it down: Sometimes, the feeling of being overwhelmed can contribute to a slump. Break your language learning journey into smaller, manageable tasks. Focus on one aspect at a time, such as vocabulary, grammar, listening comprehension, or speaking. This approach can make the learning process more approachable and less daunting.
  3. Mix up your routine: If you’ve been following the same study routine for a while, it can become monotonous. Try incorporating new learning methods and resources into your routine. Variety can reignite your interest and make learning more enjoyable.
  4. Set achievable targets: Set realistic and achievable language learning targets. Small, incremental goals can provide a sense of progress and accomplishment. For example, aim to learn a certain number of new words each day (when you have your foundation down) or complete a lesson in your LSN coursework. Celebrate your achievements along the way to stay motivated.
  5. Find a study buddy or join a community: Learning with others can be motivating and help you overcome slumps. Find a language learning partner or join a study group or language exchange community. Engaging in discussions, practicing conversations, and sharing your challenges and successes with others can provide encouragement and accountability. This is where your LSN community in the App comes handy.
  6. Explore interesting content: Find interesting and engaging content in the language you’re learning. Watch movies, TV shows, or YouTube videos in the target language, read books or articles, or listen to podcasts or music. Choose topics that genuinely interest you, as it will make the learning process more enjoyable and help you stay engaged.
  7. Take a break: Sometimes, taking a short break from language learning can be beneficial. Give yourself permission to rest and recharge. However, make sure it’s a conscious decision rather than giving in to frustration. Use this time to explore other hobbies or interests. Returning to language learning with a fresh mind can reignite your motivation.
  8. Track your progress: Keep a record of your progress to see how far you’ve come. It can be encouraging to look back at where you started and acknowledge the progress you’ve made. Use a language learning journal or an app to track new words, grammar points, or milestones you’ve achieved. Seeing your development can help you push through slumps. With our LSN app, you have the ability to track each lesson you have done to visually help you celebrate your progress.

Remember, language learning is a journey, and it’s normal to experience ups and downs. Be patient with yourself, stay persistent, and don’t be too hard on yourself during slumps. With the right mindset and strategies, you can overcome them and continue progressing in your language learning goals.

LSN was created to provide an environment within which you can succeed. If you are already an LSN student, do not forget to take advantage of the resources available to you. If not, I welcome you to join our amazing family.

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As usual I am rooting for you.

Mwalimu Karen

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